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Choose to have your boots fitted! This set of techniques allows each skier to benefit from a shoe perfectly adjusted to their morphology, technique and type of glide. Discover our thermoformed soles service. These made-to-measure soles stabilise the foot in the shoe, eliminate pain and improve your technique and performance! Contact us for more information or go directly to the store.

Service Bootfitiing

Service Ski storage

Do you hire your skis from Delavay Sports? ? Our team provides its customers with a FREE storage service : take advantage of a room in the shop equipped with boot dryers and storage for your skis/snowboards. Your shoes are dried and disinfected every night. A flexible solution so as not to encumber you with your equipment while you are staying in your accommodation at the resort…

Discover all the advantages of our in-store repair workshop. Thanks to the know-how of our team of skiers and using state-of-the-art machinery,vyour skis are repaired and maintained for optimal efficiency and safety on the slopes!

  • Stone finish
  • Sharpening and waxing
  • Tailor-made preparation

Service Repair workshop